coins“We felt the overall cost was very reasonable and the experience delivered on all accounts.”  (Mustapha & Alina)

In 2018 it costs just £598 to get married at Holy Trinity Church.

Of this, £474 is statutory fees, including the registrar (the Vicar) and all paperwork, and £130 is extras such as heating, sound engineer, verger.

On top of this we charge for optional items, should you require them.  These include:  Organ + organist (£130), band equipment (£60), order of service (£50) and video license (<£100).

If you like, you can include an offering during the service. Couples often do this if there is a particular charity they support, and if they would like to support a particular aspect of Holy Trinity’s local outreach programme.

In the marketplace of wedding venues it’s hard to beat a church wedding for value – especially when that church is as stunning as Holy Trinity Tulse Hill.