A Church Wedding?

Whether you are a dedicated Christian or respectful agnostic, a church wedding is a fantastic way to mark the significance of your commitment.  You can also renew your vows at Holy Trinity.

At Holy Trinity we encourage you to have a big say in exactly what will take place.  You can choose the music, or have no music at all.  You can have the organ, bring your own string quartet, or uptown funk mix. You can choose your own readings, although there must be one from the Bible. You can dress the church as you wish.  You can walk in together, or come in more traditionally.  And you can add in your own personal declarations of love and commitment for each other, as long as they are separate from the vows.

The Basics.
Church buildings are only licensed to hold Church of England marriages, with the ceremony performed by an ordained Church of England minister.  So there is a basic framework laid down:  a formal introduction to the service, the declarations and vows, the blessing, the Bible reading and prayers.

But if you have a vicar or pastor among your friends or family, why not ask them to say a few words about the reading?  Or perhaps they could lead prayers for you.  Whatever options you choose, it’s important that everything remains broadly consistent with the aims and mission of Holy Trinity Church.

One of the problems with a non-church wedding, is that you are expressly forbidden to mention God or include any religious sentiments however vague. In some Local Authorities you are forbidden to use words that are the same as the church vows, even if God is not mentioned. What if you want to acknowledge a “Higher Power” and seek God’s blessing, even if you are not personally committed to a religion?  Getting married in church enables you to do this.

A church wedding is rich in tradition, but can also be as contemporary as you like.  God is right there in the centre, but it doesn’t mean religion is pushed at you.  If you are spiritually open people – even if you have all sorts of doubts, questions and uncertainties – there is no better occasion to place yourselves before God and ask for his blessing.